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Fast and Accurate COVID Testing in Henderson, NV

Close-up of woman receiving nasal swab for COVID testing

In years past, if you had symptoms such as a persistent cough, low-grade fever, and body aches, you might have simply hunkered down at home and waited for your illness to pass. But the COVID-19 pandemic has changed all of that. Today, you might understandably want to find out if you have COVID-19 and, if you do, how to best protect yourself and others until you recover.

For the reliable answers you need and deserve, turn to Jovive Health. We offer a full range of non-emergency healthcare services, including COVID-19 testing, at our medical clinic in Henderson, Nevada.

How Is COVID-19 Diagnosed?

At Jovive Health, we will begin the COVID-19 diagnostic process by asking about your health history, symptoms, and recent exposures. Based on that discussion, your provider can suggest the most appropriate test to determine whether you are actively—or were previously—infected with COVID-19. We offer:

COVID-19 Rapid Testing & PCR Testing

If you have COVID-19 symptoms, we may suggest a rapid antigen test, which is most accurate when administered within 1-5 days after symptom onset. On the other hand, if you were exposed to COVID-19 but do not have symptoms—or if you need a COVID-19 test for work, school, or travel—we may suggest a viral PCR test. Both the rapid antigen test and viral PCR test involve a relatively simple nasal swab, which we can perform on-site.

After we collect a small sample of your nasal secretions, your specimen will be processed in a lab to determine if it contains specific viral proteins (antigens) consistent with COVID-19. The rapid antigen test provides a same-day result. The turnaround time for the viral PCR test can vary because the sample will be sent to an off-site lab for processing.

COVID-19 Antibody Tests

If you do not currently have COVID-19 symptoms but recently recovered from an illness and would like to find out if your illness was caused by a COVID-19 infection, we may suggest an antibody test, which involves a blood draw. Based on your blood sample, can determine whether you were previously infected with COVID-19 even if you did not have symptoms.

The Next Steps

After your test sample is processed, your provider at Jovive Health will go over the results with you and explain any local COVID-19 restrictions that are currently in effect. Regardless of whether your COVID-19 testing confirms or rules out a COVID-19 infection, we can suggest an appropriate treatment plan to manage your symptoms, if any, and help you feel better.

You can benefit from COVID-19 testing at our urgent care center in Henderson, NV, today. We’re located at 105 N. Pecos Rd., and we offer same-day reservations and walk-in availability.

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