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Foreign Objects in the Eye

Whether it is a stuck eyelash, a fleck of dirt, or a metal shard, getting something in your eye is painful! Get front-line care for foreign objects in the eye at Jovive Health.

Something in your eye?

Head to our clinic for care and relief.

The eye is a sensitive organ and even a slight scratch can cause intense discomfort. If you have a foreign object in the eye, you’ll likely feel symptoms immediately. You may experience:

Jovive Urgent Care

Pain, pressure and/or discomfort in the eye

Jovive Urgent Care

Excessive blinking

Jovive Urgent Care

Blurred vision

Jovive Urgent Care

Extreme tearing

Jovive Urgent Care

Redness or bloodshot eye

Jovive Urgent Care

Swollen eyelid

Foreign objects typically found in the eye include eyelashes, dirt, sand, cosmetics, sawdust and contact lenses. Metal particles and glass shards are also common. When a foreign object such as these enters your eye, it can cause irritation, abrasion, scratches and even infection. Luckily, it is usually only a minor injury and will heal without causing any long term vision problems. If you suspect a foreign object in your eye, prompt treatment is key!

Most times, these symptoms will subside on their own. However, there are times when it’s important to see a doctor. Visit Jovive Health for:

Jovive Urgent Care

Bites or stings near the mouth or sensitive areas

Jovive Urgent Care

Redness or swelling that persists for more than 72 hours

Jovive Urgent Care

Signs of infection such as pus or oozing

Jovive Urgent Care

A red, donut-shaped or target-shaped rash that develops after a tick bite: a symptom of Lyme disease

Jovive Urgent Care

Flu-like symptoms, such as fever, body aches, and fatigue: signs of some mosquito-borne diseases

When to see a doctor for foreign objects in the eye

You may be able to remove a foreign object in the eye at home by flushing it out with water or a saline solution. However, in certain instances, it’s best to seek professional medical treatment.

Head into Jovive Health if:

Jovive Urgent Care

You are unable to remove the foreign object at home.

Jovive Urgent Care

Symptoms of blurred vision, tearing, blinking, and/or swelling persist.

Jovive Urgent Care

The condition of your eye worsens despite the removal of the foreign object.

The foreign object:

Jovive Urgent Care

has sharp or rough edges

Jovive Urgent Care

contains chemicals

Jovive Urgent Care

hit the eye at a high rate of speed

Jovive Urgent Care

is embedded in the eye

Our skilled and experienced providers are available 7 days a week and can provide prompt front-line care for foreign objects in the eye. In some instances, you may be referred to Ophthalmology or ER for more advanced treatment, and a follow-up visit with an eye care specialist may be necessary.

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