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Cuts and Lacerations

With extended hours, no appointment needed and on-site X-rays, sutures and tetanus shots, we’ll help you feel better fast! Learn when to see a doctor for cuts and lacerations.

We’re here to stitch you up seven days a week.

Head to our clinic for care and relief.

How to know if your cut needs stitches

Whether from the slip of a kitchen knife, a piece of broken glass, or a skateboard wipe-out — cuts, scrapes, and lacerations can happen to anyone.

While some cuts and lacerations can be easily treated at home, others require medical attention. Jovive Health can treat most cuts and is prepared to treat you on-site with sutures, and, if needed, X-rays and tetanus shots.

Head into Jovive Health now if your cut or laceration:

Jovive Urgent Care

is jagged

Jovive Urgent Care

is on your face

Jovive Urgent Care

has edges that gape open

Jovive Urgent Care

may have damaged deeper tissues such as nerves, tendons, or joints

Jovive Urgent Care

feels numb

Jovive Urgent Care

has dirt or debris in it

Jovive Urgent Care

continues bleeding after 20 minutes of firm, direct pressure

As always, call 911 or visit the nearest emergency department for serious or life-threatening injuries.

Avoid ugly scars and infection

Cuts and lacerations can lead to infection and scarring if they are not properly cleaned and treated. If you suffer a cut involving glass or metal, you may also need an x-ray to make sure that there is nothing left inside. Depending on the circumstances of your cut and general health, your doctor may recommend a tetanus booster or a round of antibiotics.