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Ear Wax Removal Services in the South Loop, Chicago, IL

Picture of a man who requires ear wax removal touching his ear in pain.Does your ear feel painful, itchy, or unusually full? Are you having trouble hearing, or do you keep hearing a ringing noise despite there being no explanation for the sound? Is your ear producing discharge or emitting a foul odor?

Symptoms like these—along with dizziness and coughing—can be signs of an ear wax blockage. Fortunately, if you’re in Chicago, Illinois, you can have an ear wax removal completed at Jovive Health in South Loop.

What Does Ear Wax Removal Involve?

When you visit a medical provider for the symptoms described above, they’ll likely use a tool with a light and a magnifying lens (an otoscope) to examine the inside of your ear.  If they discover an ear wax blockage, they can use a variety of techniques to remove it. For example, a physician may:

  • Administer medicated ear drops to soften the wax
  • Scrape the wax out using a spoon-shaped tool (a curette)
  • Vacuum the wax out using suction
  • Flush the wax out using irrigation (ear lavage)

It’s important that you don’t attempt to perform an ear wax removal yourself. In many instances, when people try to clean out ear wax at home, they end up pushing it deeper into their ear canal. Plus, there’s a chance that you could seriously damage your ear canal or eardrum while doing so.

Get Relief From Your Ear Wax Blockage Symptoms

At Jovive Health, we never require appointments for any of our urgent care services, including ear wax removals. Our Chicago, IL, clinic is open every day of the week with extended hours, so either book a same-day reservation or walk in at a time that fits into your schedule. And if you happen to need a primary care provider, you can rely on us for those services, as well.