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Seasonal Allergies and Mild Allergic Reactions Treated in Henderson, NV

Elderly man sneezing and experiencing seasonal allergies while surrounded by blooming trees in a park

Are you bothered by seasonal allergies? If so, you’re not alone. Many Nevadans seek treatment for allergies and allergic reactions each spring and throughout the rest of the year. In many cases, the culprit is pollen, a powdery substance released into the air by budding plants and trees.

Even though pollen is largely harmless, many people are allergic to it. If you are, you might be wondering what’s going on. After you inhale some pollen, your body’s immune system mistakenly identifies it as a harmful invader (such as a virus) and tries to destroy it. This overly robust immune response can trigger a variety of uncomfortable cold-like symptoms.

If you need relief from disruptive allergy symptoms, you can turn to the experienced providers at Jovive Health in Henderson, Nevada. We offer a full range of non-emergency healthcare services, including allergy treatment. You can count on being seen quickly at our urgent care center, which is 100% owned and led by doctors. For your convenience, we have an online reservation system. There’s no need to allow allergies to make you feel miserable—the team at Jovive Health is here to help.

Allergies vs. Colds

Seasonal allergies and the common cold can produce similar symptoms. So how can you tell the difference? Most likely, you are experiencing seasonal allergies if you notice any of the following “cold” symptoms during the spring bloom:

  • Continuous sneezing or coughing
  • Itchy, watery eyes
  • A runny nose or nasal congestion
  • Dark circles under your eyes
  • Sinus pressure or headaches
  • Hives or other skin rashes
  • Insomnia or difficulty concentrating

Mild allergy symptoms can often be treated with an antihistamine, nasal decongestant, nasal saline rinse, or nasal steroid spray. The team at Jovive Health may also suggest allergy shots, which can help control your immune response to certain allergens over time.

It is important to be aware that a severe allergic reaction can be life-threatening. Allergy symptoms such as shortness of breath, wheezing, dizziness, persistent vomiting, and loss of consciousness can signal an emergency that warrants prompt medical attention. In these situations, you should call 911 or go directly to the nearest hospital ER.

If you need help dealing with non-emergency allergy symptoms, you can receive personalized care from the team at Jovive Health. Whenever your schedule permits, simply stop by our office at 105 N. Pecos Rd. in Henderson, NV, which is open extended hours. You can also book a same-day reservation through our online system.

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