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The Team to Choose for Upper Respiratory Infection Treatment in Chicago, IL

Picture of a woman with an upper respiratory infection feeling her forehead and holding a tissue in her other hand.Are you sneezing, coughing, or feeling fatigued? Do you have a fever, red eyes, a runny nose, a sore throat, or swollen lymph nodes? All of this can signal the presence of an upper respiratory infection, an illness affecting the nose, sinuses, voice box, and throat.

So, where are you to go for upper respiratory infection treatment? If you’re in Chicago, Illinois, you can rely on Jovive Health to deliver the care you need. Our professionals skillfully treat a wide array of non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries—including upper respiratory infections—at our office in Chicago’s South Loop neighborhood.

Are Upper Respiratory Infections Contagious?

Yes, they are. Upper respiratory infections are commonly spread through the airborne droplets produced when someone sneezes or coughs. If you’re around someone with an upper respiratory infection and they sneeze or cough without covering their mouth, you could breathe in those droplets and then develop an infection yourself.

It’s also possible to contract an upper respiratory infection after touching a contaminated surface. If you touch an object that has germ-filled droplets on it, then touch your eyes, nose, or mouth without first washing your hands, you could get sick.

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The sooner you reach out to Jovive Health about an upper respiratory infection, the sooner you’ll receive the treatment recommendations you need to start feeling better. While we accept same-day reservations at our Chicago, IL, office, we also welcome walk-ins, so feel free to stop in whenever it’s convenient for you.

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