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Administering Headache Treatment and Migraine Treatment in Chicago, IL

Picture of a woman massaging her temples with her eyes closed because she needs headache treatment.Jovive Health’s skilled providers offer headache and migraine treatment for Chicago, Illinois, residents and visitors. We’re a 100% doctor-owned and -led practice, and we are pleased to serve the South Loop neighborhood.

When to Seek Headache or Migraine Treatment

Headache and migraine symptoms can often be relieved at home, without the need for medical intervention. So, when should you reach out to a healthcare provider? You should seek professional headache treatment if:

  • Your headache is preventing you from sleeping, working, or participating in routine activities.
  • You’ve tried taking over-the-counter pain medication but failed to find relief.
  • You frequently experience headaches with no known cause.
  • Your headaches are becoming increasingly severe.

In some cases, headaches and migraines can require emergency care. Call 911 or get to a nearby hospital if you’re experiencing a headache that:

  • Is very severe
  • Developed suddenly and quickly worsened
  • Is accompanied by a fever, weakness, numbness, vision changes, difficulty speaking, neck stiffness, fainting, a seizure, confusion, or personality changes
  • Was caused by head trauma or another type of injury

The Smart Choice for Headache Treatment

If you are dealing with the symptoms of a headache or a migraine, you need prompt relief. Rather than waiting for an appointment to open up with your primary care provider, entrust your care to the knowledgeable team at Jovive Health. Our nearby clinic—located in the South Loop neighborhood of Chicago, IL—offers headache and migraine treatment seven days per week. Walk in at the time that is best for you or book a same-day reservation.